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Salmon in Tank
Using this RAS technology FishFrom Ltd will be able to provide the customer with a consistent and predictable supply of uniquely fresh fish, every day, all year round. Something the existing sea cage farming industry cannot match. The fish will be reared in ideal growing conditions: clean, highly oxygenated and temperature-controlled water, with the fish swimming against a continuous vortex in an environment free from pathogens and parasites and, importantly, without requiring vaccines. Powered by renewable energy, the farm will produce premium quality Salmon grown with the most sustainably sourced fish feed. The facility will be the first in the UK and will supply Superior Scottish Salmon at market size.

FishFrom will develop useful tools, data systems and equipment to promote food safety and security, create a circular economy with low environmental impact and reduce energy use. It will develop opportunities to create larger onshore farms reducing production cost per kg and securing supply lines of high-quality product.